Golden-Spertus Wedding

Keith Golden and I were married on June 14, 1998, at Dunsmuir House in Oakland, California. We had started dating each other two years earlier when we were both in the Internet Softbot group at the University of Washington.

My mother and big sister helped me get ready.

I thought Keith looked especially handsome on our wedding day.

Keith and I were attended by our families. On the left are my sister Andrea, my sister-in-law Chana, and my brother Michael. On the right are my sister Debby and her husband Martin.

Keith is flanked by his two sisters' families. On the left are Paul, Heather, Shawn, and Kathy Riutzel. On the right are Debbie, Megan, and John Tindell. On the far right is Keith's brother David.

Our three-year-old nieces Adina and Megan were great flower girls.

Our three-year-old nephew Shawn, walking with his mother Kathy (Keith's big sister), was an adorable ring-bearer.

Keith walked down the aisle with his mother and step-father. I walked with my mother and father.

Heron Freed Toor performed the ceremony. Keith and I each vowed: "I promise to honor and cherish you, to be loving and faithful, to celebrate with you in good times, to comfort you in trying times and to stand beside you in everything you do."

The little children wandered off during this "boring part" of the wedding. Shawn found the photographer more interesting than Keith and my first kiss as a married couple.

The weather was so beautiful and sunny that some of the chocolate bowls on the tables melted before they could be eaten. What is the weather in Oakland right now?

Keith and I had been told that nobody eats at their own wedding, but we did.

Keith even had the time to enjoy an iced coffee. In the background is Tony Barrett, wearing his graduation tam. UW graduation was June 13, the day before our wedding. My graduation was on June 6. Some of the other pictures show Keith wearing the tam.

Keith's mother Billie and my grandfather Herman sat next to us.

Keith's step-father Jack and his sisters sang at the wedding. Our first song was "Could I have this dance (for the rest of my life)". We made a tape of Jack, Kathy, and Debbie singing our favorite songs, which we gave out as a wedding favor. If you weren't there and want one, let me know.

Here we are dancing with Adina and Keith's cousin Jessica.

Keith and I fed each other cake without mishap.

After a honeymoon in Italy and France, Keith and I returned to our apartment in San Francisco to start our life as a married couple.